Mausoleums are designed for above ground internments. They can be for one individual or entire families. Sears Monument has the ability to design and build these memorials. They can be built on-site, or they can be pre-fabricated and delivered to the site, depending on needs. Construction of this type of memorial should be done by qualified professionals who know what must be done to ensure durability. Using materials other than granite and bronze can result in misfortune.


Please note, not all cemeteries will allow this structure or the terrain may not be favorable to the construction of a mausoleum. We would be happy to do a site inspection should you desire this type of memorialization.

Walk-In Mausoleum 1
This unit can be done in a variety of granites, or, combination of granites as shown. Shown is a 2 crypt unit with bronze doors. (SM-2014)
Walk-In Mausoleum 2
Contrasting materials add to the beauty of this mausoleum. Notice the bronze doors, stained glass side window and black columns make this into an eye catching memorial. (SM-2017)
Walk-In Mausoleum 3
Shown in Black granite, this walk-in style memorial is personalized by the beautifully crafted carving and lettering. Accented by the flower vase and steps leading to the bronze doors. (SM-6009)
Walk-In Mausoleum 4
Features of this mausoleum are many, however, the design and proportion show true craftmanship. The magnificent turned columns, each accented by a large turned vase, all resting at the top of steps, lead you through majestic bronze doors. (SM-6051)
Walk-In Mausoleum 5
Shown is an exquisite Private Estate Mausoleum of the Mansbach Family. Constructed in Paradisio granite with Bronze doors, this memorial will endure through the ages. (Mansbach)
Single Crypt 1
Shown is a single crypt mausoleum that has the family name engraved to an optional cap. Available in different granites. (SM-1000)
Single Crypt 2
The SM-1001 is one of the most economical of single mausoleums. All inscription can be done on the crypt front as shown. (SM-1001)
Companion Style 1
This side-by-side double interment mausoleum can be built in various colors of granite. (SM 2000)
Companion Style 2
This is a "stacked" type double interment mausoleum. The advantage is that it has a smaller "footprint", or base than the side by side. This allows maximization of the space of the lot. (SM 2004)
Companion Style 3
This side by side unit can be traditionally built with removable crypt fronts. There is also the option of having the roof slide to allow for interment. (SM 2008)
Companion Style 4
This companion mausoleum is highlighted by the beautiful portico connecting the two individual crypts. (SM 2016)
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