Private Memorials

Memorialization can be as personal and private as one desires them to be.


The memorials shown here can be duplicated, or you can work with our designers to create something unique to you.


The photos shown in this category have been crafted by W.L. Gragg.

Remembrance Garden Feature
Shown is a remembrance garden which can be designed for any person or group. The focal point of the garden is created using a flourish of butterflies crafted in bronze and attached to a pedestal. The butterfly is symbolic of changing life. This bronze piece was crafted by Wyatt Gragg. There can also be floral elements crafted for the same setting.
Bronze Sunflower
This bronze detailed sunflower can be placed in any remembrance garden, with minimal effort, to create an area of tranquility.
St. Francis with Doves
St. Frances is shown with doves emanating peace and quiet. This feature can be placed infoors for any type of remembrance garden. Used in conjunction with a water feature and other small bronze elements, such as frogs or birds, can bring tranquility to any area.
Memory Bell
The "Memory Bell" is a concept of remembrance that can be displayed in the home or office. These can be engraved with individual names for personalization. An advantage to this item is that it can be kept indoors, such as on a mantle or in a display case, as it is small-in-size.
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