Meet The Team


Brent Sears


"I was born and raised in Charleston, WV and have worked at Sears Monument full time since 1981. Before that, I worked part time in the summers for 3 years.​ I enjoy playing golf, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

Sears Monument allowed me to meet my wife - at a Sears Monument Christmas party. Also, in having to locate cemeteries, I have learned many interesting things you don't commonly think about. I have learned that GPS units are not always correct, like when they take you on a road where a bridge has been out for several years, or where a road ends and turns into a small trail.  Conversely, I have learned about longitude and latitude coordinates and how accurate they are depending on what device or scale you use."


Dave Harless

Sales Manager

"I grew up in the Pinch, WV, a graduate
of Herbert Hoover High School, and attended WV State College. I have been in the memorialization industry for 28 years and began working for Sears Monument as a Sales Representative in August of 1991. In 2006 I was promoted to Sales Manager overseeing the staff of our Charleston, Beckley, Huntington and Parkersburg offices, in addition to the many funeral homes we work with. 


I have been privileged to learn all aspects of the memorial industry; from the production and delivery, to sales and sales management. I have attended courses from the Elberton Granite Association and the American Institute of Commemorative Art. I have won 1st place in design for a cremation memorial from the Dakota Granite company. I was selected by Stone In America, a national publication, for “Design of the Month”. I was the President of the West Virginia Cemetery and Funeral Association during 2014-2016.  


One of the memories I cherish is from when I attended one of the American Institute of Art’s classes in Louisville, KY.  Our class visited Cave Hill Cemetery. To this point in my career, as a salesperson, my thoughts were on “how much memorials cost.” When we came upon an extravagant memorial in the cemetery I asked our instructor how much this extremely nice memorial cost. His reply left me with a lesson I will never forget, he said “Dave, I cannot remember how much the memorial cost, however, I can still remember the story the memorial tells.”  From that time I have always aspired to achieve “telling a story” through the design of a memorial, regardless of the budget, large or small."


Sarah Reed

Marketing Manager

"I was born and raised in Charleston, WV. I graduated from West Virginia University in 2009 with a degree in Marketing, and minors in Advertising and Dance. In May 2018, I began working at Sears Monument Company as the Marketing Manager. During this time, I have learned a lot about the industry, as well as grief and remembrance. The monument industry is often something that isn’t thought of, but something that everyone encounters at least once in their lifetime. Remembering can be beautiful, and it is fascinating to see all the wonderful stories told in stone. The sheer beauty of a personalized monument can be breath taking. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging with my husband, and my beautifully wild daughter. I also own my own portrait photography business."


Allen Cosby

Sales Representative

Eastern West Virginia

"I am originally from and grew up here in Charleston, WV. I have worked in the monument business for over 13 years and started with Sears Monument Company in January of 2006. I received a certificate of completion in the American Institute of Commemorative Art Sales Training Seminar in 2007. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling West Virginia and seeing this beautiful state, and playing golf when given the opportunity. One of the things I am most proud of working for Sears Monument Company is the ability to bring memories alive for my families that have lost a loved one. Telling that person’s story in the memorial design process brings much closure to the family, and helps cherish the memories of that loved one that has passed."


Heather Sturgill

Sales Representative & Artist 

Beckley, WV

"I’m from Beckley, WV and was raised in Cool Ridge, WV, which is 30 minutes south of Beckley. I’ve worked in the monument business for 17 years, and have spent the last 5 years with Sears Monument. Art, gardening, hiking, scuba diving, boating, and traveling are a few of my favorite things, aside from spending time with my family and friends."