Unique Shapes

We have a large selection of uniquely shaped memorials in stock. We look forward to developing memorials that have special meaning to the families we serve. Your desires in memorialization can become a reality. What’s "your story in stone"? 


Elements that create unique memorials are endless. It is not only about the shape of the stone, but a combination of elements, including: texture, lettering style, and special features - such as bronze pieces…and much more. 

Unique 226
Unique 234
Unique 269
Unique 191
Cremation Bench
Unique 189
Unique 187
Cremation Memorial
Unique 21
Cremation Memorial
Unique 155
Memorial Bench
Unique 104
Memorial Bench
Unique 087
Memorial Bench
Unique 131
Unique 124
Unique 076
Scalloped Edges
Unique 011
Double Monument
Black Double Monument
Unique 048A
Unique 999
Cremation Bench
Unique 267
Victorian Rose
Unique 267
Dawn Grey
Unique 259
Unique 258
Unique 253 AA
Unique 250
Unique 238
TGS 753
Unique 230
Unique 228 A
Unique 225
Tan Brown
Unique 225
Cats Eye Brown
Unique 224
Unique 216
Unique 215
Unique 214A
Unique 213
Unique 212B
Unique 212 C
Unique 212 C
Unique 211
Unique 209
Unique 188
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