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  • Why aren’t your prices listed on your website?
    This is one of our most common questions. Here are a few factors that go into determining the price of a monument. Prices are subject to change depending on the engraving. This would include phrases, names, dates, pictures, etc. The cemetery location can affect the price, depending on the lay of the land and how the monument needs to be properly installed for posterity. The granite type/color certain granites are priced differently because they are sourced differently. Certain cemeteries have certain fees and regulations. Our sales counselors are often aware of these different regulations without having to reach out to the cemetery, as we have installed monuments in a large majority of the cemeteries throughout West Virginia. By working with one of our sales counselors, we are able to walk you through the process of designing a monument that meets your needs, budget, and expectations.
  • How long should I wait before making a monument purchase?
    There is no "right" or "wrong" time to make a selection. The time to do so is when you are ready. Typically, memorials are installed in the memorial row of the cemetery (which is approximately a foot off of the actual gravesite) in ground that has not been disturbed. Therefore, the actual installation of a memorial can take place at any time.
  • What price can I expect to pay for a monument?
    Pricing varies greatly in memorials. The most common items that will dictate one's purchase price are: color of granite, number of polished surfaces (front, back, top, sides, etc.), size and shape of the memorial. Other additional costs might be a cemetery installation fee when installation would be made in a perpetual care cemetery. Standard sized markers, 24 inches by 12 inches by 4 inches in thickness, start in the price range of about $275.00. Upright memorials usually start in price at about $600.00. Keep in mind that there is not a way to price a memorial without knowing the extent of what would be included on the memorial.
  • Are your memorials guaranteed?
    Every memorial purchased from Sears Monument Company is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, not only the purchaser, but to their descendants as well. A guarantee is only as good as the provider remains in business. Sears Monument Company has been servicing families since 1911 and has provided excellent service of memorials we have produced and installed. You need not have your warranty in hand since we have records of all units we have fabricated. Our guarantee applies regardless of the cemetery the memorial is placed in.
  • How does your price compare to other competitors?
    There are those in the marketplace that are higher and, there are some that are lower. A variety of factors control what the "price" is. We do know that our pricing of memorials is a "fair price" for the services we provide. We have been in business for over 100 years. We accomplished this by offering a price that would provide our clients a product that has not only price in mind, but value as well. We have had customers tell us of their experiences with other companies who provided them a "low price" and then did not supply them the memorial, for whatever reason. Pricing is important, but we feel that your "best value" is more important when it comes to receiving a memorial that has significance to you and future generations.
  • How long will it take to get my memorial installed on site?
    Sears Monument Company usually will have an "in stock" unit on site in approximately 6 weeks. This time can vary by a couple of weeks, depending on weather conditions. For custom order units, it can take as long as 4 months for fabrication from the quarries. We will do our best to provide you with a timely delivery and keep you informed of progress.
  • Do I have to purchase from the cemetery?
    No, you do not have to purchase from the cemetery. You cannot be required to purchase your memorial from any company. Should you have been given this information, you may verify our answer with the West Virginia State Attorney General’s Office. This statement may be used to get you to purchase your memorial from the cemetery sales agent to attain a quota. A company who does not have your best interest at heart will pressure you into making a hasty decision based on price, they will call you uninvited, or they may call you shortly after your family's funeral. You should never be pressured, nor feel pressured into making a hasty decision.
  • Our loved one was cremated. Do I still need to purchase a memorial?
    As cremation grows in popularity, we encourage you to consider a memorial for your loved one. Memorials provide an important place for you to maintain your connection to your loved one and your memories. You will, psychologically, have a greater peace of mind knowing there is still a place you can go and honor memories of the deceased. We invite you to explore the unique ways of memorialization for cremation. We have had clients come to us and ask for assistance. They were told to take the cremated ashes of their loved one home, place them in an urn, and place them on the mantle. They describe the "psychological guilt" that came with this. They could visualize that, down the road, a well-meaning family member could unknowingly dispose of the, or, they themselves might pass away and no one know the contents of the urn. They have now come to the point when they must deal with reality and have decided to inter the ashes and place a memorial so that there will be a place for all to connect to the deceased loved one. Once this has taken place, they express their "relief" and "closure".
  • Do you charge for your computer drawings?
    Generally, there is no charge for your drawing when using standard templates, however, there may be a cost for special custom drawings when it is not finalized the day they are rendered. This cost would be credited toward the purchase of the memorial. To not do this, on special designs, would be unfair to all involved. We have worked with you, using our computer system and trained staff, to achieve a design that is unique and important to you.
  • Is there a difference between a "tombstone" and a "memorial"?"
    No, generations create their own terminology for items that are similar, or in this case, exactly alike.
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