Memorial Benches

Benches are becoming a very attractive option for memorialization. Quite often they are used as the memorial, while offering a place of rest and reflection to those visiting the site.


Styles vary greatly, from “park style” benches to those that are designed to hold cremains. They are constructed of quality granite to assure generations of use.

Bench 1
This simply constructed granite bench normally has a seat that is 48 inches long and 14 inches wide. The single support can be used for inscriptions and carvings.

Additionally, these benches are quite functional in memorial gardens for hospitals, civic areas, churches and schools. They are available in a variety of colors.
Bench 2
Shown in Mahogany granite, this monolith style bench features a rustic rock pitched texture around the bottom area. This protects the unit as mowing machinery may make contact with the unit. Lettering and carving may be applied to the front and back as you would a typical memorial. It is a one piece unit even though it appears to be two.
Bench 3
Shown in Mahogany granite, this bench is often used as a family memorial. Lettering and carvings are engraved to personalize as desired. Beneath each seat is an area that can be cored to create a cremation memorial for ashes to be interred. (Unique 75)
Bench 4
This garden style bench in black granite has lettering and carvings can be placed on the front and back of the back support for personalization. The size of this unit is 48 inches wide.
Bench 5
Shown is a 48 inch wide garden style bench in gray granite. Carving and lettering can be applied to the front and back of the back support.
Bench 6
Shown in black granite, this unit generally has the family name inscribed on the front edge of the seat. Available in other colors. (Unique 34)
Bench 7 (Cremation)
The supports for the bench seat are hollow to accept cremains. Each support can be inscribed with name and dates.
Bench 8
Shown is a 4 foot long gray granite bench. The support beneath the seat is curved to give the unit a softer appearance. Vases shown are optional and can be applied to most benches.
Bench 9
Shown is a couch style bench, having armrests and back support. Carving and lettering can be applied to the backrest.
Bench 10 (Cremation)
Shown in Paradisio granite, this compact bench has space for 2 cremations and the lettering can be applied to the front cover.
Bench 11
Shown in gray granite. (271131)
Bench 12
Shown in Victorian Rose granite. This simple bench is accented by a matching granite flower vase. (280720)
Bench 13
Shown in combination of gray granite and Black Diamond granite. This unique bench has an extremely detailed view showing the Rocky Mountains in the background. The two attached benches make for a beautiful color combination. (281098)
Bench 14
A very unique memorialization bench is shown here. Done in a mix of granites, using Black Diamond and China Gray. The carved granite statue of a kneeling angel completes the design. (Unique 104)
Bench 15
Shown in grey granite, this rustic shape bench with rounded supports creates a simple appearance to any lot.
Bench 16
Cats Eye Red Granite seat with Black Diamond Granite Legs
Bench 17
Cats Eye Red Granite back and legs, with a Black Diamond Granite seat.
Bench 18
Paradise Green Garden Bench
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