Considering a memorial that will both stand out and stand the test of time? Bring your ideas to Sears Monument to create a conceptual design especially for you.

The process provides greater freedom in selecting the granite, shape, textures, and placement of lettering. Many do not realize that they can have their ideas of a memorial transformed into a creative and artistic design, while staying within budget. From individual flat markers, to large civic projects, we can create a conceptual drawing for you and transform it into reality. 

Below are a few conceptual drawings we have developed. The client presents to us elements that are important to them, such as verses, shapes, colors, etc. We then take these elements and develop a sketch.

Concept 1
In developing this concept, our guideline given to us by the customer was to incorporate a broken heart, a special verse, and flower vases. Attention is brought to the broken heart by using different textures, and the verse is then positioned in a specially designed niche beneath the heart, thus keeping both elements relevant to each other.
Concept 2
This design was for a single upright memorial slightly different in shape, yet, affordable. The subtle curves of the one side and top, combined with "shellrock" outer edges of the tablet, and an additional textured border within that, offer a beautiful contrast. The curve on the left side of the tablet is carried over in the choice of the vase. This allows all components to work together. The family wanted to symbolize the death as a "change of life"- bringing in the butterfly at the top.
Concept 3
The family wished to create something tall, making it easy for the family to locate their memorial. Additionally, they wanted to symbolize the love shared between the family through the roses. Texturing the areas at the top and bottom of the tablet create a deep contrast, accenting the placement of the family name. The bottom base was designed to be smooth to allow individual inscriptions, keeping the top tablet uncluttered.
Concept 4
The family had the following requests for this memorial: could b easily identified at a distance; could accommodate multiple inscriptions; include a favorite verse. The design uses textured edges to accent each top tablet with the center tablet being greater in depth and height. The focal point of the family name is captured by using stylized lettering. The base was designed to allow placement of individual names.
Huse Veterans Memorial
Shown is a concept we presented to a customer for approval. The final project was modified to use Mahogany granite, and was completed in 2012.
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