Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials provide family and friends a place of remembrance and a feeling of closure. They are very appropriate for the disposition of cremains and the most popular is a bench.


The bench is designed to contain the ashes and can be placed in a variety of places - cemeteries, churches, yards or even a favorite hunting or fishing spot. They require only a small area, and offer a comfortable place to spend "reflection time" when visiting with your loved once.


Many families have placed a memorial on family property; landscaping and ponds can create a beautiful "tribute garden" to celebrate the life of loved ones.

Ivy Leaf Ceremonial
11 x 7

This simple bronze marker is designed to hold the cremains in a container that is attached beneath the bronze plate.
Companion Rose Cremorial
11.5 x 17
CAT #005654
© Matthews
Companion Dogwood Ceremonial
16 x 24
CAT #001986
© Matthews
Detailed View of Bronze Ceremonial
Shown is a view of a typical bronze internment marker. The name plate can be removed to allow for the placement of the ashes within the square compartment. The circular compartment allows for storage of the flower vase when not in use. The entire unit is attached to a granite base for support.
Cremation Bench
Shown in Black Diamond Granite, this bench has two supports cored for cremains and allows for engraving on each support. (270414)
Cremation Bench
Shown in Paradisio Granite, this bench is designed to have cremation urns placed inside. (281388)
Bronze Cremation Bench
Shown in Rose Beta Granite, this double cremation bench has a bronze family name plate attached attached to the edge of the seat, and complimented by bronze niche places for engraving individual names.
Cremation Bench (Front)
Crafted with Gray Granite, this bench holds 4 cremains. The family desired to be on the family lot, but it was nearly full, so they chose to have a bench designed to hold their cremains. A vase was included in the design on which they could place their parents' names, showing their relationship to others on the lot. (2011 1199)
Cremation Bench (Back)
The crest shown was unique to the family. The family provided us a photo of the crest, and we were able to duplicate it directly onto the granite. (2011 1199)
Cremation Bench
This bench is designed to hold two cremations that are placed within the support of the seat.
Cremation Bench
This cremation bench is designed to hold two cremations. The benefit to this unit is that it requires only a small area. (Unique 183)
Cremation Bench
Shown in Gray Granite, the seat support is cored to contain cremains. (Unique 210)
Black Cremation Bench
Mr. Fuller desired this unique serpentine top cremation bench, with a vase to the side, and colorized carvings.
Cremation Bench
This bench is made to resemble two tree stumps for supports, once is cored to hold the cremains, with a contrasting seat made of Redwood Granite. (Unique 191)
This columbarium is designed to hold 112 cremains. Churches and cemeteries find this unit attractive, as it requires little space and has an attractive appearance.
Constructed of Gray Granite with black niche covers, this unit holds up to 48 cremations.
Constructed of Gray Granite and black niche covers, this unit holds 40 cremations. This unit can be loaded from both the front and back, and is available in other colors of granite.
Family Columbarium
Shown in Gray Granite, this family unit holds 8 cremations. Different styles are available.
Estate Columbarium
This Lasting Memories Niche Shutters on a Personal Estate Columbarium allows for personalized photo designs.

© Matthews
Companion Estate Columbarium
Shown in Gray Granite and accents with a floral vase, this columbarium needs little space for double interment. (Unique 21)
Cremation Memorial
The top portion is designed to be removed and reveal two cored areas for interring two cremations. The overall height is 4'10". (Unique 187)
Cremation Monument
The square, all polished cubes are cored to contain the cremains and can be added as needed in any amount desired.

We can do many custom shapes and etchings to make your memorial unique to your family. (271106)
Single Cremation Memorial
(Unique 189)
Cremation Memorial
Shown in Gray Granite, these cremation memorials can be placed in a variety of locations. Available in either double or single size, the Black Granite tops can be engraved.
Cremation Bench
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